Monday, December 5, 2022
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Before & Afters

Main Living Room Transformation (Before) -Decorating Begins

Finally, after a period of stopping leaks and resolving damp issues our decorating quest begins! Naturally one of the first spaces we are keen...

DIY Tips


Should I Get A Building Survey & Are House Surveys Worth It?

Due to the age of Victorian properties it is only natural to want to seek professional guidance as to the condition of the house...


Ivy Invasion – Removal from Bricks, Roofing & Gutters

Some of the early challenges we faced with our Victorian House renovation project were repairing the old slate roof and addressing the causes of...
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How to Paint a Ceiling – Simple Rules & Direction

If you are like us, when you are a newbie to DIY & house renovation you will visit our friend Google for every new...

Mist Coat Ratio & Painting New Plaster

If you are painting new plaster then it is important that you start with a mist coat. You may have read this online or...

Earthborn Clay Paint Review – Breathable & Eco Friendly

If you are searching for Earthborn Clay Paint reviews then the chances are you are in need of a breathable paint or something eco...

Breathable Paint For Lime Plaster – What Are The Options?

If you are looking to paint directly onto lime plaster then you should use a breathable paint. As lime plaster itself is breathable it...

Plaster, Putty & Paint – The Living Room Walls

At this stage, with the removal of tough wall paper done & the log burner installation complete it was time to bring the walls...


What To Do With Wooden Wall Corner Beads?

Chimney breasts are common in Victorian properties and when you strip back the wallpaper you may see wooden corner beads on the external corners....

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