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Main Living Room Before

Main Living Room Transformation (Before) -Decorating Begins

Finally, after a period of stopping leaks and resolving damp issues our decorating quest begins! Naturally one of the first spaces we are keen to transform is the main living room as this is...
Get a Building Survey

Should I Get A Building Survey & Are House Surveys Worth It?

Due to the age of Victorian properties it is only natural to want to seek professional guidance as to the condition of the house and whether there are any hidden nasties you should be...
Overgrown Ivy

Ivy Invasion – Removal from Bricks, Roofing & Gutters

Some of the early challenges we faced with our Victorian House renovation project were repairing the old slate roof and addressing the causes of damp. Out of control Ivy can be a contributor to...
Condensation Damp

Fix Damp in Victorian Houses and the Common Causes

Once we had completed our roof repairs the next logical step for the Victorian project was to start diagnosing damp problems in a number of rooms. The damp situation in our house was not...
Roof Slates

Victorian Roof Repairs – Starting Point for any Renovation

Sorting out a Victorian roof can be an expensive game. It is one of those jobs that is seemingly thankless as you don’t get the visual satisfaction of tasks like painting or decorating. It...

10 ‘Gotchas’ when buying a Victorian House – Knowledge is Power

When buying a Victorian house it is important to do your research to ensure that you are getting a good deal. You must remember that a Victorian house will have stood for more than...

A Victorian Renovation – New Life in an Old House

The Victorian era was only just over a century ago and yet there are subtle differences between Victorian properties & the more modern houses of today. On the surface a modern house is more...