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Ceiling Paper

What To Do With A Wallpapered Ceiling? Be Careful!

If you have bought an old house you will often find the ceilings to be papered and there are a number of reasons for this. The style of the paper may look out of...
mist coat consistency

Mist Coat Ratio & Painting New Plaster

If you are painting new plaster then it is important that you start with a mist coat. You may have read this online or on the packaging of your selected paint product. For our...
Earthborn Muddy Boots

Earthborn Clay Paint Review – Breathable & Eco Friendly

If you are searching for Earthborn Clay Paint reviews then the chances are you are in need of a breathable paint or something eco friendly. It is a popular choice in both of these...
ECO Friendly Paint Options

Breathable Paint For Lime Plaster – What Are The Options?

If you are looking to paint directly onto lime plaster then you should use a breathable paint. As lime plaster itself is breathable it absorbs and expels moisture depending on atmospheric conditions and blocking...
Lath and Plaster

Plaster, Putty & Paint – The Living Room Walls

At this stage, with the removal of tough wall paper done & the log burner installation complete it was time to bring the walls in line. After stripping back it was clear that in...
lime plaster cracks

Repairing Lime Plaster Walls – Hiding The Cracks

After seeing the cost of a lime plaster job you may be scratching your head wondering if there is a cheaper solution. I know we certainly did! At 3-5 times the price of modern...
Plastering Victorian Houses

Should Lime Be Used for Victorian Houses? Lime vs Gypsum Plaster

It is highly likely that when you take down wallpaper that has been up for many years you will find areas that need re-work. Parts of the original plaster unfortunately come down with the...

Broseley Serrano 7 SE Review – Our Log Burner

We spent literally days selecting our log burner. There are many to choose from and many things to consider. You need to get the right size for your chimney, a look that compliments your...

Open Up A Fireplace & Log Burner Installation

It is fair to say that over the years many original Victorian fireplaces have been bricked up and it is common to see a chimney breast without an opening. This is to reduce draft...
Strip Old Wallpaper

Remove Stubborn Wallpaper – Stripping Back

When you take on any room transformation a good place to start is to remove old wallpaper. It's messy, requires a number of trips to the tip but most importantly provides you with a...